Skin Care From Mother Nature

Posted on February 7, 2009
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My intention was not to use scare tactics or fill you with dread in the previous posts. Just be aware that you are in charge of your health and that many toxins are packaged as “natural.”

Supplements and skin care products using  chemical ingredients made in a laboratory are usually less expensive to produce than their counterparts made from truly natural ingredients.

There is no good reason to use artificial chemicals and products on our skin or in our bodies. Mother Earth has generously provided everything we need to stay pure on the inside, and promote clear, soft, healthy skin on the outside.

If you are inspired to apply truly organic, completely unprocessed care for your skin, start with your own kitchen shelves. My favorite is to relax for 15 minutes under a facial mask of mashed avocado. After your initial qualms, you might be surprised how quickly you feel the nutrients and enjoy feeding your face and skin with real food.

We’ll cover other recipes for homemade skin care in future posts. Do you have a favorite natural skin recipe or routine to share?

Most of us don’t have the time or interest in grinding, mashing and mixing our own cosmetics. Several companies offer wonderful and pure packaged skin care products. We’ll talk about those next time.


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