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Posted on March 30, 2009
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With resort season underway, here is a short post to report our experience with Badger Sunscreen. SPF 30 version of Badger Sunscreen is rated #1 with the Environmental Working Group.

Originally, our interest lay more in checking out UV Natural from Australia, which had a variety of products on a fun and informative website,  promoted non-animal testing and was favored by many users. However, late last summer, their website announced that UV Natural would no longer sell online in the United States. Several products in the line seem to have recently been picked up by other online retailers. We’ll research and tell you more about that once we’ve tried it.

Meanwhile, why not try out another  #1-rated sunscreen?

The primary complaint of Badger Sunscreen users is the oily texture. Our experience proved this a legitimate concern.

However, both Badger SPF 15 and SPF 30 were quite effective against even high-noon sun in Mexico.  It resisted rinsing during light swim sessions, but washed off easily in the shower.

Overall we were quite pleased with the performance of Badger Sunscreen for its intended purpose – protecting the skin against sunburn. You’ll be happiest at the beach or other lightly clothed outdoor activities. Due to the oiliness, Badger Sunscreen is not the best choice for dressing up and going to town.

Badger states they do not test on animals. As with all sunscreens, it’s best to apply at least a few minutes before exposing to the sun.

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